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Rain Clouds - Science Experiment

Materials Required:

  • Water

  • Blue food colouring

  • Syringe/dropper /straw

  • Empty Jar

  • Shaving Foam


  1. Fill your empty jar with water

  2. Add shaving foam to the top to look like a big fluffy cloud

  3. Using your syringe filled with blue colouring , have your child add drops to the cloud

  4. Watch - As the blue gets heavier and heavier it will start to fall out of the clouds and make rain

  5. Whilst watching explain to your child that when the water droplets grow heavy in the sky,gravity pulls them down from the clouds as rain,just like in the experiment.

Learning Possibilities This activity is great for your child’s fine motor skills as your child manipulates the syringe Sensory Exploration exploring the texture and fun playing with the shave foam/clouds

Have fun learning and getting creative!!

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