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Foaming Rainbows - Science Experiment

Materials Required:

  • White Vinegar

  • Bi-Carb Soda

  • Coloured food colouring

  • Syringe/dropper

  • Empty small bowls

  • Paddle Pop sticks/stirrer

  • Dish/flat tray


  1. Half fill your empty bowls with bi-carb soda

  2. Fill your syringe’s/droppers with coloured food colouring (we pre filled ours)

  3. Mix a few drops or more of the food colouring into the centre of the bi-carb & stir until combined.

  4. Line the bowls in a row & pour your vinegar down the row!!!

  5. Watch as the vinegar reacts with the bi-carb causing your Rainbow to erupt

Learning Possibilities This activity is great for your child’s fine motor skills as your child manipulates the syringe Sensory Exploration Colour Recognition Language Development Social Development

Have fun learning and getting creative!!

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