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Here at Creative Little Artists we encourage children and their carers to explore and unleash their inner creative flare and imagination in their own unique way, with a range of all things sensory, colourful and fun. Creating their very own masterpieces with our themed craft boxes and interactive workshops.

We assist our little artists to:

  • develop their fine motor skills,

  • improve their colour recognition,

  • encourage imaginative play,

  • increase hand eye coordination,

  • engage in moments to assist literacy and language development.

Owner and Director of Creative Little Artists , Prue Perry has been a passionate early childhood educator for 15years.  Prue is also a mother of 4, this has furthered her passion for providing children of all ages and development stages an opportunity to explore, learn, create and use their imagination. She is also incredibly passionate about providing carers the opportunity to embrace these experiences with their loved ones. 


Let’s encourage our children to be creative without limiting them, correcting them or putting pressure on them to do things the right way. Remember our children NEED to exercise their creativity for not only their future, but also for their own sense of confidence and self-worth.


Let them explore, imagine, create, experiment, be curious, courageous, artistic, independent, individual, unique and most importantly let them be “ THEMSELVES “.

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